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Textile bracelet with Ikita beads (France)

Textile bracelet with Ikita beads (France)

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Circumference of the bracelet

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Textile bracelet with beads and rose gold-tone metal decoration.

French brand Ikita.

There is a branded engraving on the product.

Made of stainless steel.

Adjustable size (minimum circumference 15.5 cm).

Weight: 1.78g

Branded packaging.

□ Materials

  • Stal szlachetna
  • Koraliki
  • Tekstylia

□ Basics of jewellery care

Avoid frequent contact with water:
Chlorine and other minerals in tap and salt water can damage the surface of your jewellery.

Avoid contact of jewellery with cosmetics:
Cosmetics (deodorant, perfume, nail polish, cream, and hand lotion) that get into the crevices of jewellery are difficult to remove. The chemicals contained in them can discolour jewellery and also harm some coloured gemstones. It's worth waiting before putting on jewellery until the lotion and perfume are absorbed.

Protect your jewellery from detergents:
Soaps and shower gels can dull turquoise, malachite, or stones of organic origin (amber, coral, pearl, mother of pearl). Washing powders, toilet cleaners, bleaches, etc. permanently damage the stones and can also discolour gold.

For cleaning and polishing, use cotton or jewellery cleaning wipes.

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Ikita is a French jewellery brand known for the perfect blend of elegance and creativity. Its unique designs and precise craftsmanship make Ikita jewellery exceptionally attractive. The brand draws inspiration from the latest fashion trends, resulting in collections that are always trendy and stylish.
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